Free Kitchen Design

How to get a free 3D design that really work for your Kitchen


Measure your Space

First step is to bring some kitchen measurement with you to start your design. One of our designer will use this measurement for a preliminary design. if you are satisfied with the cabinet choice, design and the budget. One of our designer will go to you home to verify all measurement and modify the design accordingly to confirm an easy and efficient installation.

Photorealistic Rendering

Photorealistic Rendering

One of our specially picked designers will call you to discuss your project needs and go over your specifications for the project. A Fine Kitchen Cabinet designer will send you a 3D, photorealistic design of your new kitchen for your review and approval.

Itemized List

Itemized List

Upon your approval, an itemized list of cabinets will be sent to you with cost for your reference. You are now ready to get your dream kitchen ordered!


  • Use a pencil to ensure easy changes
  • Measure in inches only
  • Note all fixtures and utilities with dimensions
  • Note all electrical outlets/switches with dimensions
  • Denote ceiling height and indicate any transitions, soffits and/or vents
  • Note the size and location of existing appliances
  • Indicate which way doors swing and into what rooms
  • Note breaks in walls and obstructions
  • Include location and size of windows and doors

Begin Your Design

Submit the Picture to us with a couple of photos of the actual space. As they say picture speak is better than a thousand words.You Get Within 48 Hours.