Choosing your Cabinets

Choosing your Cabinets

One can argue that every house that is built has a heart, and the heart of the house lies in a different place for each family. However, no one can object that the kitchen is by far one of the most important places for a home to have. It requires an equal amount of both comfort and function, and a key part to this is your kitchen cabinets and the way you store. The color and finish of the kitchen cabinets you choose is imperative to how your kitchen appears to your guests and the feeling it gives to the entirety of your home.

When choosing cabinets, multiple things have to be taken into consideration — what energy do you want your cabinets to give off? What do you want your kitchen to feel like?

If you want to bring a light, subtle touch to your kitchen, it’s best to go with a classic design and warmer colors — for example, Fine Kitchen Cabinet has multiple collections of cabinets that are simply designed with clear, white finished or other finishes that will bring an illuminating brightness into your home. This is the best decision if your kitchen doesn’t get a lot of sunlight. The light will reflect off your kitchen cabinets and bring a vibrant amiability into your kitchen. We recommend looking at our Arctic Frost or Sunrise collection.

If you want to bring a more enclosed, comfortable feeling to your kitchen, the best cabinets you can choose will have a darker finish. If your kitchen happens to be more open or has excessive sunlight filtering in, the darker finished cabinets will balance out the space. This cabinetry will make each time cooking or dining in the space more comfortable. Fine Kitchen Cabinet has many collections with a darker, classic finish, such as our Elegant Cherry and Billiard Espresso kitchen cabinets, that are perfect examples of this particular genre of cabinets.

The third and final option in looking for the right kitchen cabinets is a decorative, architectural flourish that adds an elegance and grace to your kitchen. Choosing cabinets like these requires the right decorative features and the right color of kitchen cabinet to make them stand out, and lucky for you, Fine Kitchen Cabinet has a perfect example — our Elite Rope collection is decorative, yet classic, in a creamy white color with beautiful ornamental elements.

Looking to these examples and understanding the element and feeling you want your kitchen to give off to your guests and those who use it are the most imperative parts of understanding what kitchen cabinets you want to invest in, and will point you in the right direction of choosing and purchasing the right cabinets for you.

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