How to have a Spotless Kitchen

Kitchen is the most used room in our houses. That is why it is needed to be taken care of more than the other rooms. It is, after all the room where we feed & nurture our family & where friends gather for entertainment. If you are an avid home cook, it is the room where you go to create explore & unwind your skills.

Many of us wonder to have spotless kitchen. But how do we do this? Here are some tips & tricks to help you from the restaurant chefs who have not only make the foodies happy but also keep the health inspectors contented.

Do it while you’re doing it

One hard & fast rule, every professional chef follows is to clean as you are cooking. Keep your sink full of soapy water so you can wash & rinse utensils as you cook. This also prevent cross-contamination since you won’t have dripping, dirty dishes sharing the counter space with the prepared food.

Keep it curated

You have to decide what small appliances or decoration items can win the spot on your counter space. If your baking is less, then remove the mixer from the counter & place it where your rare usage items are kept. Only leave the things on your counter that you use once a week. Most important, never keep any utensil that you cannot wash on the kitchen counter as it may get greasy & collect dust.

Make cleanup easy

Having a hunt for cleaning supplies, or walking across the kitchen to toss the waste means you will not do this often. To kick it out, keep non-toxic cleaners’ bottle & some microfiber clothes tucked under the sink to tackle the spills right away. When preparing food, keep a bowl to tack all the wrappers & waste in it so you can toss it away in one go.

Don’t let things sit

Take time to wash your dishes & wipe counters after every meal or snack rather than keep them together for later. Doing so keep your sink clean 7 let you clean things as you work. Set reminders on your phone or watch to deal with the cleaning stuff if you have kept something for long time.

Close your shop

Adopt a habit to close your kitchen after the last meal of the night. At minimum

  • Make sure the sink is tidy
  • Run the dishwasher
  • Wipe counters & the stovetop
  • Sweep over the floor to pick up crumbs
  • Set out a clean towel for the next day & move the dirty one to the laundry

Never forget to do weekly kitchen cleaning & deep cleaning once a year to have spotless kitchen throughout.

Weekly Kitchen Cleaning Agenda

This checklist is made to help you manage your weekly Kitchen cleaning thoroughly & efficiently.

Gathering Materials

  • Box or bag to collect clutter
  • Microfiber cloths
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Soft scrubbing cleaner
  • Glass cleaner
  • Broom or Vacuum
  • Mop
  • Floor Cleaner

Get Cleaning

1. Confront waste & litter. Everything that belongs to another room should be kept in a bag & set aside until you have finished cleaning. Now put away the gadgets, appliances & other things that belong to the kitchen.
2. Empty the sink. Wash all the dishes & set them aside. Otherwise put them in the dishwasher.
3. Clean the dusty spots. Using a long-handle Duster clean the tops of your cupboard & fridge, ceiling fan lighting & window trim.
4. Clean the grimy spots. Take microfiber cloth & all-purpose cleaner & clean your cupboards & drawer fronts. Wipe the back-splash. Wipe appliance fronts & tops. Wipe the spills off the floor of the oven. Also wipe the stove top.
5. Clean what is on the counter. Wipe small appliances, door knobs, light switches & knife stands etc.
6. Dispose of any spoiled food. Clean any spills on the refrigerator shelves or floor. Now is the best time to change out the paper towels lining your produce & meat drawers.
7. Clean the sink. In many homes, kitchen sink is much dirtier than the toilet one! Wash your kitchen sink with hot soap water, & microfiber cloth & then scour it using scrub powder. Else, do this: fill it with hot water, add 1/4th cup bleach, & let it sit before draining, scrubbing & rinsing clean.
8. Polish glass surfaces. Use microfiber cloth & glass cleaner, polish the inside of the window glass & any other glass item in the kitchen.
9. Get the trash out & clean the outer side of the trash can. Let it air dry & sun will let the disinfecting job for you.
10. Clean the floor. Use a broom to clean the crumbs. Also, to mop use a bucket of floor cleaner & wipe off the stains.Always stand out with the best guidelines to have spotless kitchen & remain problem free in future.

Always stand out with the best guidelines to have spotless kitchen & remain problem free in future.

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