Plywood in RTA Cabinets

Plywood in RTA Cabinets

Fine Kitchen Cabinets provides ready to assemble pieces that are perfect for a cost-efficient and do-it-yourself kitchen. We provide a multitude of colors and finishes for any kitchen you are trying to create, from a gorgeous Brilliant White Shaker to a deep Espresso Bean. Whether you’re looking for a bright, modern feeling in your new kitchen or the tactile sense of a deep-set cabin in the woods, we have a color and an option that will match exactly what you are looking for.

Ready to assemble pieces by Fine Kitchen Cabinets provides you with an ability to create the kitchen you want without the hassle and price of installation. Samples are provided for each of our RTA options to make sure you get exactly what you want.

Fine Kitchen Cabinets prides itself on using the best material in it’s Ready to Assemble cabinet choices. Most RTA providers use low grade particle board, which is not as strong as the plywood we use. Particle board has a tendency to splinter, dent, and break apart, so your kitchen lasts significantly less than our higher quality RTA choices. This lower-quality option is made from leftover wood scraps of other projects, and is known for little to no moisture resistance. It has a tendency to swell in any kind of humidity, making using and closing the cabinets extremely difficult. You’ll end up spending money you can’t get back on woodwork that won’t last nearly as long if you choose to work with lower-end wholesale retailers.

Fine Kitchen Cabinets uses only the best plywood in its RTA choices, leading to extra strong durability and longevity. Plywood takes several reinforced, thinly sheets of wood and glues them together, ensuring a thick and long-lasting cabinet. Base cabinets made of plywood can and will support heavier weight from countertops and appliances, creating a better base for your kitchen. Plywood cabinets will resist pulling and side to side movements that are common in the usage of the kitchen throughout installation and usage. Although plywood is significantly thinner than solid wood, it’s not as heavy, making it easier to install and use. Although plywood is narrower than solid wood, we take special care to make sure that the cabinets you purchase will last the longest out of any RTA cabinet providers. The edges are finished specially, making sure that your cabinets last the longest amount possible and providing you with the best cabinet option at the best cost at The RTA Store Fine Kitchen Cabinets.

Our RTA cabinets are made from the most optimal material, and although they are not as cheap as some lower quality options, we assure you that the investment you make with Fine Kitchen Cabinets will lead to a resilient and beautiful kitchen space. Despite the cost, you still save money by choosing our wholesale do-it-yourself option, and everyone you know will be asking you how you catered to your exact wants for construction at such a reduced price. We guarantee that you will get nothing but the best when purchasing from Fine Kitchen Cabinets.

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